Tourism Development and Planning

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Tourism DevelopmentMs. Gwen Legaspi

Definition and Examples

1. Tourism Development - involves broadening the ownership base such that more people benefit from the tourism industry, skills development, job and wealth creation and ensuring the geographic spread of the industry throughout the province/nation. Examples:

* Entrepreneurship and sustainability support, including a Tourism Help Desk function for SMME's * Project funding for tourism development infrastructure
* Tourism bursaries as part of a capacity building and skills development programme * Cape Craft and Design Institute

2. Tourism Policy - A policy is well thought-out plan or course of action, especially one of an organization or government, laid down to guide in the achievement of identified goals and objectives. It is commonly regarded as a statement of intent or commitment to the driving vision. A tourism policy is such a plan, meant to facilitate achievement of set objectives for a government or organization. Examples:

Tourism Policy of Guyana Government :
While a written tourism policy does not exist, certain policy decisions have been instituted to give guidance to the tourism industry. These are as follows: a. Removal of the visa requirement for the major tourist generating markets, in Japan, North America, Western Europe and Scandinavian and Commonwealth countries, as of 1993. b. The introduction of a 10 percent room tax on all establishments with a capacity of fifteen (15) or more rooms. However, the funds raised from this tax are not channeled back into the industry. c. A tourism incentive package that granted duty free concessions to a number of items was prepared for the sector in 1995. Investors have expressed total frustration at the bureaucratic bottlenecks in accessing these concessions. These concessions in their present form do not offer any meaningful incentives to the industry. d. The Government's decision to commission the Organisation of American States (OAS) to develop an Integrated National Eco-Tourism Development Plan, of which a Management Plan for Kaieteur National Park is a component. e. The promotion of 1996 as "Visit Guyana Year" with the aim of attracting 250,000 visitors to Guyana; this effort has been perceived by the industry as poorly conceived and premature, with no input from the private sector. f. At the same time, Government has strengthened the Tourism Division of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry. There have been attempts at enhancing the image of the Timehri International Airport and sensitising Immigration and Customs Officers to their new obligations in a tourist destination. Efforts are being made to educate the general population about the new tourism initiatives through the media and other initiatives such as the 1996 Tourism and Environmental Exposition. 3. Plan Formulation – Plan formulation is an iterative process that establishes planning objectives, evaluates management measures that address these objectives, develops potential alternatives that meet the objectives, screens out plans based on comparison criteria, and identifies plans for implementation.

a. Completeness - "the extent to which an alternative plan provides and accounts for all necessary investments and other actions to ensure the realization of all planned effects." b. Effectiveness - "the extent to which an alternative plan alleviates the specified problems and acheives the specified opportunities, as specified in the planning objectives." c. Efficiency - "the extent to which an alternative plan is the most cost effective means of alleviating the specified problems and realizing the specified opportunities as established in the planning objectives, consistent with protecting the nation's environment." d. Acceptability - "the workability and viability of the alternative plan with respect to acceptance by state and...
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