Aviatin Policy

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Airline Policy & Strategy
Assessment 1
Academic Year 2012-2013

Formulating Analysing & Researching Policy

The first assessment for this module asks you to deconstruct a piece of tourism policy. It draws directly on the research paradigm outlined by Fidgeon & Ritchie (2005). In addition it develops the self-directed activities you have been recommended to undertake in your study pack together with our work in lectures and tutorials. As a consequence you should be familiar with all of the tasks being assessed in this exercise.

Before you launch into the assessment, read the policy document you have been given thoroughly. In addition the assessment also requires that you find some additional detailed information. Check that you have it to hand. Engage with the literature here. This requires you to reference material and include this in a bibliography at the back of this assessment

You have seven weeks to complete this task. The deadline for submission is 12 noon on Friday 22nd March 2013. Answer in the space provided below each question. Alternatively if you wish you can replicate the assessment on your own PC and submit a word processed version.

Completed scripts should be submitted to the Faculty Office (TC375) with an accompanying cover sheet. An electronic copy of your work should also be submitted through Turn-it-in by the same date and time.

Remember, this should be treated as an individual task. Identical scripts will be treated as plagiarism and will be dealt with accordingly.

This exercise will count as the equivalent of 40% to your overall assessment mark.

If there are any problems see me at the end of your lecture or tutorial or alternatively make an appointment to see me at a mutually convenient time.

Paul Fidgeon
February 2013

Task 1.

Tourism policy can be conceptualised as an integrated set of components. The first step in this process is to understand what you can do and what is legally, ethically and politically acceptable (the developmental philosophy). To this end, what underlying philosophies have influenced this policy and how? Identify five here.


Task 2

From an understanding of the socio-economic and political parameters that influence a piece of policy it is possible to come up with a vision.

With reference to the literature identify what is visioning? Provide an example of a vision statement from your policy document. (Note it may be necessary to read between the lines if this is not immediately obvious.) Why is it necessary to undertake such an exercise?

According to Meadows(2004) visioning means taking off the constraints of ‘’feasibility’’, of disbelief and past disappointments, letting your mind dwell upon its most noble, uplifting, treasured dreams.

To ensure sufficient hub capacity is in place to handle forecast aircraft and passengers, with improved resilience.

Heathrow has taken steps towards becoming Europe’s hub of choice. The capital investment programme has modernised Heathrow to provide a better experience for its passengers. Heathrow’s ASQ score, an internationally benchmarked survey measure of passenger satisfaction, has been improved from 3.43 in 2007 to 3.88 in 2011. It achieved its highest ever score of 3.92 in the survey for the first quarter of 2012 which continues to position Heathrow as one of Europe’s leading hubs, with the airport ranking first among the five largest airports in Europe on 15 of 33 survey measures.

Task 3

Any vision will always be influenced by the mission statement of the company or organisation responsible for formulating that policy.

Identify the mission statement of this company/organisation.

To give safety and security the highest priority at all times by systematically assessing and managing our safety and security risks through audited, best practice management systems.

Task 4

Any policy will include a statement of what it hopes to achieve i.e. its aims.

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