Critically Discuss Key Themes in the Literature Concerning the Environmental Impacts of Tourism with Reference to the Belief That Tourism Is an Economic Saviour for Towns, Regions and Nations. in Your Answer Reference

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Critically discuss key themes in the literature concerning the environmental impacts of tourism with reference to the belief that tourism is an economic saviour for towns, regions and nations. In your answer reference to case studies in developed or developing countries.


1.0 Negative environmental impacts

2.1 Case study 1 (What happened to Myanmar in Tourist year)

2.2 Case Study 2 (Caribbean/ Cruise tourism)

2.0 Positive economic benefit

2.1 Case study 1 (Olympic game)

2.2 Multiplier effects

4.0 Conclusion

5.0 Recommendation

6.0 Reference

7.0 Appendix


Even through tourism does not manufacture anything; it is the largest industry in the world. The industry makes money by turning cultures and people into commodities. Not only it becomes the world fastest growing industry but also a main generator of indirect and directs economic benefits. Thus, the industry can be considered as social necessity right for people in both developing and developing countries. However, tourism can also be harm to culture, society and local environment. The environment is the one of the main resource for developing tourism industry. Environment does not mean only natural features but also human. The impacts of tourism are multi-faceted. The impacts of tourism can be both beneficial and detrimental. This essay will be discussed about strength, weakness, opportunities and treat that tourism brings into the society and the country (Mason 2008).

Negative environmental impacts

The most likely to happen and common negative environment impacts are i. Tourism may cause the creation of unsightly human structures building e.g. hotels that are not fit in with vernacular architecture; ii. Tourism may disturbance or damage to wildlife habitats; iii. Tourists are more likely to drop litter;

iv. Tourism can cause congestion of people and traffic
v. If the...
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