Topshop's Product Features

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Product features
Topshop is a well-known brand in United Kingdom as it was founded there; they have three hundred stores in the country. According to Topshop’s website it claimed that they update their stocks five days in a week with three hundred new items. That is how they attract their regular customer to keep track with their fashion trend. However in Malaysia specifically in Kuala Lumpur, they receive shipment from United Kingdom two days in a week. Therefore, customers are able to find out the latest product twice in a week. Topshop featured not only a trend, but multiple trends. They have at least four trends of collection in store which is :
Shanghai Urban Traveller Gypsy Rocker Colour Clash
Topshop named their member card as fashion fast forward (F3 member)which portrays the idea of you are part of the fastest fashion in the world by being their members as Topshop receives new products very often and always be the lead of fashion amongst each other. Therefore, the four collections above are one of the ways to keep themselves be the first of the fashion trend, and keeping up in the track of fashion. Colour Clash, is the trend that we will do further research on in this assignment. Other than the four collections which allow customers to choose and decide which is the best for themselves, Topshop also features a mainline that acts as a one stop wardrobe for all seasons. It was created by Topshop’s inhouse designers however Mainline is not available in Malaysia but only United Kingdom.

Still, Malaysia’s Topshop stores are working up with the United Kingdom stores as they are bringing in more trends and collection for us in Malaysia. For...
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