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Theme Chart Analysis

Using the Grounds Theory approach our group determined and analyzed the common themes on social media surrounding the Toms Shoes brand. We created a Theme chart and a sub-theme chart from the largest theme. These charts can be seen below. The top three themes were 1) Social Justice, which was mainly comprised of soundbites focused on the Toms One For One motto and their positive impact on those less fortunate 2) Style, which was largely focused on the look of the shoes and 3) what we named Purchase/ want, this category was comprised of soundbites in which people were talking about a purchase they had just made or stating that they really wanted to purchase a certain pair, more pairs or every pair of Toms. We have chosen to further discuss a number of the themes seen in the charts below.

Theme: One Day Without Shoes
The most talked about theme turned out to be Social Justice and a large sub theme of social justice was Toms campaign advertising campaign; One Day Without Shoes. Therefore we began to evaluate the effectiveness of the Toms Shoes campaign “One day without shoes,” which is held every year. This year of 2012 the event was held on April 10th, 2012. We predicted that advertising of the campaign through digital and traditional media would increase brand awareness to customers and therefore show an increase in the online chatter or buzz before the date of campaign. We also expected to see many positive comments and customer participation after the campaign. “One Day Without Shoes” is a global event that many people around the world participate in every year. This year was their 5th annual event. We think the event faces a major threat of declining interest and participation from consumers. There were numerous comments that mentioned support the campaign but not participation. These individuals said they were not going to go barefoot but instead they will wear there Toms. We see this as a big issue because the purpose of the event is to go barefoot and experience the difficulty of a child without shoes. The less people go barefoot, the less likely the campaign to be success. We first wanted to evaluate the awareness and the buzz before the start of the campaign. We have set the theme for One Day Without Shoes and integrated it with the Toms shoes topic in the dashboard. We then set the date range to February 1st, 2012 to April 9th, 2012, one day before the campaigns start. There are 309 mentions. People began heavily mentioning the campaign at the beginning of April, which is about a week before the campaign date. The day before the campaign, April 9th, showed the most buzz. There were 66.7% positive and 33.3% negative comments. We expected that a number of mentions will be over 10,000 mentions before the campaign start and 80% positive. The reason why the positive comment is less than we expected is because before the campaign people are not saying about positive things, there are neutral comments saying more about the awareness of campaign such as “excited”, “want to participate”, and “think that it is a good cause”. These results meet our expectation of increasing awareness. However, the number of mentions is too small to create a buzz. Toms should put more effort into advertising their campaign through both traditional media and digital media. If Toms could increase the awareness and the buzz of the campaign, it would influence more people to join in on the campaign. High involvement is very important for a campaign like this, which requires so much motivation and courage to take off your shoes and walking around your area or city. If there are not a lot of people participating, the campaign would not be successful because people that already have a motivation to do it will lack courage to go barefoot, since the majority would not do it. Secondly, we wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. We expected to find positive comments after the campaign as well as before the...
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