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Table of Contents
1.0 What is Knowledge Management3
1.1 The Influence of Technology- Applications in the Workplace3 1.2 Business-Information Technology (IT)Alignment3
1.3 Aspects of Knowledge Management4
1.4 Knowledge Strategy – IT Alignment is achieved through the completion of four main steps:5 1.5 HP’s Knowledge Management Programme5
1.6 KM Approaches:6
1.7 Aligning Existing Information Systems with Corporate Goals:7 2.0 Knowledge Management Integrating Information8
2.1 Knowledge Management Systems at HP8
2.2 Implications and Applications9
2.3 Infrastructure and Collaborative Technology9
2.4 Building a Knowledge Management Rationale9
2.5 Knowledge Resources10
3.0 Challenges faced by HP11
3.1 Obstacles to KM Implementation12
3.2 Importance of Organizational Knowledge12
3.3 Knowledge Management Models13
4.0 Advantages of adopting new technologies:15
4.1 Brand identity and Brand loyalty:15
4.2 Role of Information Systems in establishing Brand Identity & Brand Loyalty:15 4.3 Social Media and its benefits to organizations:17
4.4 Threats on over reliance of Information Systems:18
Wrapping Up19
5.0 Bibliography20

1.0 What is Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management is a project or framework intended to generate, capture, allocate and control knowledge towards the accomplishment of the organization. This is easily said than done. Organizing a Knowledge Management project obliges plentiful changes and support at all levels of the organization (Knowledge Management, 2014). 1.1 The Influence of Technology- Applications in the Workplace Knowledge ought to be at the center of everything an association does, however customary methodologies to knowledge management frequently neglect to connect the discipline to the essential goals of the business. In numerous organizations, Information Technology has become vital in support, and development of the business. This pervasive utilization of technology has made a discriminating reliance on I.T. that requires a particular focus. I.T. administration comprises of the leadership and hierarchical structures, that guarantee that the institute’s I.T. maintains and augments the association's objectives and goals (Inside Knowledge, 2001). 1.2 Business-Information Technology (IT) Alignment

Strategic arrangement of IT with business implies that the goal of the IT division of an organization ought to be set in accordance with the organization targets. Business-IT arrangement alludes to applying IT in a proper and auspicious route, in concordance with business procedures, objectives and needs (Sarhandiet, 2011). When the connection between strategy and the key knowledge have been recognized, the real knowledge management procedure needs to be made. A Knowledge strategy that makes imparted understanding of how IT applications, technology and serviceswill help business goals. An imparted know-how concentrates on where to consume rare resources, time and cash; the venture is readied to make. A sound working relationship between the IT association and rest of the business prove by solid day by day operations, responsive issue management and predictable creative explanations (Sarhandiet, 2011). The Purpose of Knowledge Management in Business – IT Alignment is to upgrade the esteem that IT/IS helps the organization. To effectively diagram a strategic guide, an institution has to align its IT technique to business method. This will happen when there is Governance expected to guarantee that each KM action attains organization goals (Paulo Belfo, 2010). 1.3 Aspects of Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management Governance angles that need to be watched are standards and procedures. Standards are identified with regulation in steering and controlling KM while procedures need to be complied with standards. It comprise of a development model and knowledge criteria which are utilized to watch the targets while knowledge criteria are utilized to measure the...
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