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Topics: Bollywood, Marketing, Aamir Khan Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Marketing Ghajini: Bollywood Biggest Blockbuster
What marketing strategies were used to market ghajini? And it’s positioning? Basically, Aamir khan used two types of marketing strategies one is viral and other one is ambuss marketing. In viral marketing he thought holistically and launched his personal website to attract his fans and increase the awareness of his movie to make it blockbuster movie they did marketing through different websites which contains the title of find ghajini, remember ghajini, and wall of suspect through it fans had to upload their pictures and they gave them code that enable him/her to view the wall of suspects. Most of the elements attract online users to the theaters. In ambush marketing Aamir khan went physically under his live supervision in every promotion and campaign regarding ghajini. First of all, he did haircuts of his fan’s at Bengali market in Delhi and in Jagnath Temple. When Aamir khan gave barber facility by himself than fans got more interested in watching of movie. More about promotional tactics of ghajini they used co branding with Van Husen.Tata sky, Samsung and Tata indicom with pre loaded tunes and pictures of Aamir Khan. Aamir has also tied-up with some leading sculptors who are creating replicas of Khan’s Ghajini look. These sculptures would be installed at various multiplexes in the country. Marketing for ghajini has been a very significant chunk of the overall marketing strategy. Hungama is a brain behind the Internet Marketing for Ghajini. They positioned ghajini through attributes and different outlook of Amir khan. Amir Khan new and Conspicuous hair cut and all those tattoos. Huge and never thought of before efforts have been made to imprint his hairdo into audiences mind. The other thing is in positioning that the Short memory of Aamir Khan Which was 14 minutes and 52 seconds it creates suspense for audience.

What advertising strategy elements (communication brief were used to promote the movie)? If we...
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