Positioning: Marketing and Product

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Brand Positioning

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Process of Positioning3
Strategies of Positioning5
Positioning by Product attributes5
Positioning by Quality5
Positioning by Price6
Positioning by User Category7
Positioning by Use8
Positioning by Competitor9
Positioning by Celebration10
Positioning Errors:11
2.Over Positioning11
3.Confused positioning12
4.Doubtful positioning12
Measuring the Positioning15
Perceptual mapping15
Multidimensional scaling (MDS)16
Conjoint Analysis17
Logit Analysis18
Positioning of a leader19
Positioning of a Follower20
Power of Name21
The no name trap21
The free ride trap21

Positioning is the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the minds of the target market. The goal is to locate the brand in the minds of consumers to maximize the potential benefit to the firm. The result of positioning is the successful creation of a customer focussed value proposition. Positioning is all about perception. Perception created in consumer mind and target market mind. Trout and Ries defines positioning as a battle mind. Examples

a) Mahindra & Mahindra positioned their SUV Scorpio to life style oriented consumers. b) Indica by Tata Motors for small car consumers who want a more spacious vehicle. c) Domino’s Pizza for convenience-minded pizza lovers. Benefits being delivery, speed, and good quality. d) Indigo E-CS is trying to position itself as Most fuel efficient car. e) Tata Aria is positioning itself as luxurious, spacious(Mini van) and SUV f) BMW positioned itself as a Luxury, comfort and sporty (quality and luxury) to enter the market when USA market has cars either as quality (mileage but no comfort and luxury) or comfort and luxury.

Process of Positioning

Strategies of Positioning

Products are positioned using various strategies.. These positioning captures the mind of people and basically lure them to the product and enable them to buy the products. These strategies also define a particular space product will have in mind and once set it get difficult to change that. Various strategies are: Positioning by Product attributes

In this case the firm uses one or more product attributes or features as the basis for positioning its product. For example, while the Dairy Australia focuses on the nutritional attributes of milk as a key selling point, Kleenex tissues focus on softness, strength and absorbency.  The firm may also use a key benefit that the market is seeking as the basis of positioning their product.   Positioning by Quality

Marketers often use quality characteristics to position their brands. One way they do it is with ads that reflect the image of a high-quality brand. Premium brands positioned at the high end of the market use this approach to positioning. Product quality must be better than, competing brands for the positioning strategy to be effective. Examples:

Skoda is a premium carmaker who emphasises on the quality of the cars. As its tag line suggests it is obsessed with quality and is positioned as very high quality product. Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young look themselves as people who build relationships based on doing the right things. They stress on quality on every work which they perform. Bridgestone
Bridgestone, in a short stint of 10 years in India has grown to tremendous heights. It has become one of the major suppliers to almost all the reputed car-manufacturing companies in India. Quality has always been a premium at Bridgestone and the strict standards followed, are certified by the world's leading authority in quality certifications.

Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry heralds a perfect example of charming beauty and engineering excellence. Going with its...
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