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Topics: Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore Pages: 3 (571 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Strategic Management

Assignment No 1

Future that has already happened in Pakistan- Examples

Submitted to:

Mr. Asif Ayub Kayani

Submitted by:

Hina Ghafoor


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Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad

Ad Taken: Walls Badami ice-cream, latest one

The main idea behind this advertisement is that Badami ice-cream adds to the happiness and joy of people and can be used as a dessert at any happy occasion.

The target audiences include Punjabi people since there is deliberate custom of traditional Kulfi among Punjabis. The task here for advertisers was that how to convince those people to try Walls Badami ice-cream, since generally Walls has never targeted this particular segment before and has sophisticated repute, in general. But, advertisers have well communicated the idea that target audiences can easily recognize that Badami is a product suiting best to them to celebrate. Firstly, the cultural aspects are depicted brilliantly showing Pakistan's colorful and rich culture, from cultural dresses to Pakistan's truck art and Dhol followed by Punjabi dances and Bhangras. Moreover, the colors used complement to occasions as well. The ad in addition to properly demonstrating the Punjabi culture, also uses voice of well know celebrity Abrar Ul Haq, known for his Punjabi songs among the target audiences, helping the audiences to easily relate product to them. Therefore, idea has been well executed by advertisers.

Demographically, people of all age groups (including young and old) people irrespective of gender are its target audiences. Both the Lahore inside street and a high class Punjabi family has been shown in the ad to convince people that Badami is for people of all income classes to add to their joy. The lifestyle of audiences are depicted well by showing that a family, couple and young people, everyone, sharing happiness with each other, that is also true spirit...
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