Three Year Interim Plan Nepal

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Three Year Interim Plan.
(2007/08 – 2009/10)

Five Year Plans of Nepal
Ten periodic plans have been completed in the five decades of Nepal’s efforts on planned development. During this period, development efforts focused on different aspects like the development of physical infrastructure, regional development, fulfillment of basic needs and poverty alleviation. As a result, there has been the construction of huge physical and social development infrastructure and a substantial change in the mutual relationship among the government, civil society and the general people. But the targets of economic growth rates set in the development plans could not be achieved and Nepal lagged behind in economic progress even in relation with the least developed countries. Policies followed in the past, failed to address the structural problems of the economy like inequitable access to productive resources and means, distributional conflict and shortfalls in good governance. Expected improvements could not be realized in the economic and social conditions of women, Dalits, Adibasi Janajati, Madhesis, Muslim community, and the residents of the Karnali zone. Such a situation urged conflicts and provided additional energy to it.

Review of the tenth plan
Reasons for poor implementation
Deficiencies In The Plan

Unrealistically Ambitious Targets Poor Modeling Weak Strategic Focus Weak Linkage Between Targets and Activities Weak Targeting

Review of the tenth plan
Reasons for poor implementation
Weak Resource Management

Plan not supported by financing No prioritization Weak capacity Lack of institutionalization

Review of the tenth plan
Reasons for poor implementation
Weak Monitoring/Coordination

Political instability Weak monitoring mechanism Weak institutions

Review of the tenth plan
Stronger Planning Framework

More realistic Extensive consultation Adoption of log frame Social inclusion

Review of the tenth plan
Improved public resource mgmt

Proritization done Medium term expenditure framework adopted More resources for priority projects Strong linkage with budget

Review of the tenth plan
Internal Disturbances

Decentralization Use of user groups Security

Vision of the interim plan
The vision of this Plan is to build a Prosperous, Modern and Just Nepal. With the realization of this envisaged Vision, Nepal will be self-sustaining and free from the absolute poverty level. The gap between the rich and the poor would have been reduced. The relationship and behavior between the people to people, community and State will improve. All Nepalese would have received equal rights according to legal, economic and social opportunities, to enable them to use their potential. There would be a condition whereby, all Nepalese would exercise their rights legally for utilizing their competence. There will be changes in the conditions of the people in the overall context including social, cultural, educational, economic and fiscal, inspired by the modernization mindset. There will be an improvement in behavior and appropriate technology and innovations would be absorbed and used. At the same time, all types of discrimination and inequalities including legal, social, cultural, lingual, religious, caste, gender, physical and geographical, will end. There will be a situation where people experience social justice, basic human rights and good governance. Nepal will be established as a dignified member in the international community.

Goal and Objectives
The main goal of this Interim Plan is to lay a foundation for economic and social transformation to build a Prosperous, Modern and Just Nepal.

The main objective of this Plan is to generate an experience of a direct feeling of change in the lives of the general public by supporting in the establishment of peace and reducing...
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