Strengths and Weaknesses of the Digital Planning Process

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Digital Marketing Planning - Task Three

To: Jane Smith, Marketing Director, Airmiles
From: Keiran Smith, Marketing Manager, Planning Solutions
Subject: Strengths and weaknesses of the digital planning process Date: 23/11/10

Executive Summary

In today’s competitive landscape, Airmiles understands the value of customer service and how it impacts acquisition and retention activities. The digital planning process is key in their delivery of an enhanced online customer service provision. However the process is not without it’s weakness and there are a number of barriers to success which can be overcome with the right approach.


1. Introduction
2. Strengths and weaknesses of the digital planning process 3. Marketing implications of the audit for Airmiles
4. Potential barriers to the implementation of the plan and how these can be overcome 5. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Airmiles is a loyalty programme which rewards members with miles for spend with a range of partners. They understand the importance of customer service and plan to launch an improved online service to members shortly.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses of the digital planning process

The digital marketing plan has been outlined using the SOSTAC framework focusing on improving the customer services provision. However there are both advantages and disadvantages in process which the company needs to be aware of, in order to deliver a successful campaign.


The process has a number of strengths, outlined as follows:

• Provides a clear framework for achieving objectives relating to digital marketing

It provides a valuable framework for achieving digital marketing objectives based on specific business goals. It ensures Airmiles takes a strategic approach with consideration to the digital marketing mix, control and measurement tools necessary to reach objectives. It reduces risk by providing clear steps to achieving objectives.

• Enables companies to make robust plans with consideration to the macro and micro environment

It is important that Airmiles consider the overall plan within the macro and micro context, identifying changes in the marketplace in order to respond accordingly. Competitor benchmarking and awareness of their activities and technologies from a digital perspective is a key element and the process helps the company focus and formulate robust plans.

• Ensures efficiencies with co-ordination of departments, reducing wastage

The planning process ensures all departments are working together in a co-ordinated manner. Airmiles can identify resources, maximise them more efficiently and review the organisational structure accordingly to achieve goals. If participants have sight of roles and plans, there will be more efficiencies.

• Ensures the plan is relevant to and focused on the right target market

Online customers have different demographics, needs and behaviours and the identification of the relevant target market through segmentation and positioning, ensures Airmiles adopts the right approach and online value proposition (Chaffey, 2010 p. 239).

• Enables effective measuring and tracking of digital marketing activities

It ensures the success of digital marketing activities with measurement and control processes identified to measure the success of the plan along the way. This enables the company to take action if activities are not effectively implemented to get plan back on track. (Gay, 2007)


The process has a number of weaknesses, outlined as follows:

• Time consuming to prepare

The planning process is time consuming and many company’s don’t have resources to carry out the process effectively. Audit information may not be readily available and input from departments may not realistic.

• Changing external environment

The macro environment may...
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