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Internet Marketing in Business;
The internet has become a key factor in the success of a lot of businesses in recent years. In the following assignment I am going to explain how internet marketing has made Tesco’s business more efficient, effective and successful. Efficient;

Efficiency is the comparison of what is actually produced or performed by the business with what can actually be achieved with the same consumption of resources (money, time, labour, etc.). Disintermediation;

By removing the distributor or wholesaler businesses like Tesco are “cutting out the middleman” which allows Tesco to work with customers directly from the internet. Opportunities to increase sales from existing customers;

Tesco realise that there are opportunities to increase sales from customers that are already shopping with their organisation, they can do so by promoting new products into new markets or improving sales within the markets they already serve. Opportunities to monitor Competitor activity;

Tesco can use the internet to monitor competitors activity, these competitors include, Asda and Marks & Spensors, Tesco can view their competitors website and see what changes they have made to gain the interest of the customers and what products and services they are offering bargains for. Opportunities to buy online promotion;

Businesses can pay for search engine advertising which means that their company logo will appear as soon as the user searches for a relevant search to the business. Reduces cost;
By using the internet and setting up a website, Tesco saves its company valuable funds on advertising as setting up a website is very cost effective. Reduces waste;
As Tesco will not need as many outlets, they will not be producing unnecessary high amounts of waste from the organisations. Reduces the number of stores required by the business;
By setting up a website Tesco don’t need to invest money into building new stores as the internet...
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