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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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1. Which of the following is true regarding a second round of financing? 2. IPO
The first step in creating a new company or adding an online project is to identify a consumer or business need in the marketplace. True
________ is money invested in a business by an individual, a group of individuals, or a funding company in exchange for equity in the business. Venture Capital
The Web hosting option under which the business acquires the hardware, software, staff, and dedicated telecommunications services necessary to set up and manage its own Web site is called Self - hosting

The process of selecting a software vendor and EC package includes each of the following except Close Vendor Contract

Many good ideas and realistic initiatives have failed because of poor execution due to the lack of sufficient business skills by the owners or other principals of the business. True
Most EC applications are built with hardware, software, hosting services, and development expertise provided by outside vendors. True
________ is the name-based address that identifies an Internet-connected server. Domain name
A service level agreement is a
Formal agreement
The process of adding, revising, and removing content from a Web site to keep content fresh, accurate, compelling, and credible describes Content mangagement
Offering similar or complementary products and services to increase sales describes Cross Selling
Factors determining usability include
All of these
The greatest difficulty in dealing with venture capital is
Finding a willing capatlist
When creating a new business, the first step is to
Identify a consumer or business
Which of the following does little more than provide information about the business and its products? Informational website
16 .Disadvantages for using the off-the-shelf approach as an EC development strategy include: 1. Software may nto exactly meet the company needs
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