Mci the Rise and Fall

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  • Published : September 17, 2008
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Organizations are responsible for all the legal, ethical and social issues that affect each stakeholder within the company. These factors impact the planning process performed at each level of management. When an organization neglects to establish and monitor the plans set forward things can become disorganized and ultimately the organization can lose control of what was originally established. This paper will discuss examples of poor planning due to the disregard of legal, ethical and social issues and the influence of the company’s strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning. It all began in Clinton, Mississippi in 1985 when Long Distance Discount Services selected Bernard Ebbers to be its CEO. The company name was changed to LDDS WorldCom in 1995 and later just known as WorldCom. MCI, Inc. was a telecommunications company that was headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia. This was a result of the merger of WorldCom and MCI Communications. They used the name MCI WorldCom but officially became WorldCom on April 14, 2003 “as part of the corporation’s emergence from bankruptcy.” (MCI Inc) MCI had a history of acquiring companies that led to the breakup of the AT & T monopoly. WorldCom on the other hand, was the United States second largest long distance phone company. WorldCom’s strategic plan was implemented by acquiring other telecommunications company. Among the companies that were bought or merged with WorldCom are Advanced Communications Corp. in 1992, Metromedia Communication Corp in 1993, Reurgens Communications Group also in 1993, IDB Communications Group, Inc in 1994, Williams Technology Group, Inc in 1995 and MFS Communications Company in 1996. Due to the increased popularity of the internet and the acquirement of UUNet, WorldCom’s share significantly increased. WorldCom had become an attractive investment on Wall Street. “However the continual attainment of these business transactions created an overwhelming situation for WorldCom management.”...
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