Things That Irritate Me the Most

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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Things that irritate me the most

I believe we all must have a lot of things that irritate us in our life, such as sleeplessness, late trains, traffic jams or other else. However, everyone must have different annoying things. There are top three things that irritate me the most. First of all, I hate slow speed of computer and Internet connections. I think slow speed of computer and Internet connections irritate not only me but also everyone. When the speed is slow, it takes me a lot of time to open the websites. Sometimes I wait for two or three minutes long, and then it shows “error”. When I see the word “error” on my laptop screen, I really want to throw my laptop out. It wastes a lot of time on it. Second, I hate people try to talk to me when I am busy. If I’m busy, I don’t like someone to disturb me because my thoughts will be cut off. I also hate people comment on the movie when I’m seeing movies or watching videos. It will make me feel very angry. And then, I won’t go to the movies with him or her next time. The last thing irritate me is I can’t find the things I want. I’m a lazy person, so after using things, I seldom put them back. Because of that, I’m always looking for my things. The most annoying thing is when I find my things for a long time, I suddenly find them in the place I put or searched. I’ll scream and feel myself like a fool. Inevitably, in our life, there must be many things that irritate us. Even if someone has a good temper, he or she must irritate by some things that we don’t know. Since annoying things can not be avoided, we have to face them. The best way to deal with them is to learn how to tolerate them.
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