Be Able to Meet the Commmunication and Language Needs

Topics: Language, Sensory system, Hearing Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Barriers to communication

There are three main ways in which communication can become blocked:

If a person is unable to see, hear or otherwise receive the message. ■If a person is unable to make sense of the message.
If a person misunderstands the message.

Message not received

The first kind of block where people do not receive the communication includes:

visual disabilities
hearing disabilities
environmental problems such as poor lighting, noisy environments, speaking from too far away.

People may not be able to sense a message - this is known as sensory deprivation. Visual and hearing disabilities may result in a person having feelings of isolation.

Message makes no sense

This may be as a result of the following:

The use of different languages including foreign languages and signed languages. ■ The use of different aspects of language such as.
jargon - technical language
slang - language that only certain groups of people use dialect - people from different areas make different sounds when they speak acronyms - initials that stand for words, such as GSCC (General Social Care Council). ■The person receiving the message has physical and intellectual disabilities such as memory loss or learning disability.

Message misunderstood

The reasons for misunderstanding a message include:

Cultural differences - different cultures interpret non-verbal and verbal messages and humour in different ways. Assumptions about ethnic group, gender, disability and other groupings can lead to stereotyping and misunderstanding. ■ Emotional issues - very angry or very happy people may misinterpret communication from others. Aggression, distress or inappropriate behaviour may lead to misunderstanding. ■ Social setting - statements and behaviour that are understood by friends and family may not be understood by strangers. People might use different types of language in different...
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