6 Bad Habits to Ruin Your Relationships

Topics: Guilt, Rationalization, Social psychology Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: November 18, 2009
It is quite obvious that good relationships are an important for one’s sense of happiness and fulfillment. People in positive relationships live longer and are healthier. In business and professional success, our network of relationships is critical. If you want to succeed, your relationships will help you even more than your skills.

Everyone knows how to improve our relationships: rapport, goodwill, honesty and EQ. You know what to do. Now, here are 6 things that you should not do! In addition you will see the best way to react when someone else is guilty of these. Read on…

Six typical bad habits that undermine interpersonal skills and important relationships: 1. Dominating conversations:

You all know someone who does this: the one-way conversationalist who turns everything into a personal platform to talk about themselves. We can hardly get in more than a few words before the dominator takes over; so, we fight or give up. Yes, people do love to talk about themselves. Remember, one sure way to make someone interested in you is to be interested in them! Ask them about them and witness the magical transformation. 2. Insisting on the last word:

The typical last-word dominator takes anything you say and goes one step further, in order to undermine you and your point. This is a specific form of domination, demonstrating that whatever you say, the dominator knows better. Avoid being like this at all costs! You can finish the issue in the form of an open statement: “So let’s leave it at this and see what happens.” or a question: “How about we continue next time?” If your counterpart retorts with something caustic, just nod and say “I remain optimistic.” 3. Why it won’t work:

This is a bad habit, a negative display of power. Any idea, suggestion, or improvement offered is immediately discounted with a description of all the reasons it won’t work. It may even be veiled as a compliment, as in, “That’s a good idea, but…” Whatever you do, do not play devil’s...
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