Daily Hassles

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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In relation to my peers, I happen to be occasionally stressed. I am a type of person that needs to have everything spotless and put away, in other words a “neat freak”. Because I have my in-laws living with me I would feel bad if I were to tell them to put their things away or wash their dishes. There are times when I find things that are just lying around and counters are dirty after cooking. This is when I feel stressed because I at the end of the night I am the one cleaning it up. I do understand it is my own home and I need to make the rules clear, this is what I need to work on, speaking up for myself.

An event that had a high frequency of occurrence would be worrying about bills and overspending, I believe almost everyone can relate with me on this one. I have to admit money is one of the events I stress about extremely often, mainly because I have an addiction to shopping. I love shopping for anything and everything, and most of the time I overdo it. I help lessen the frequency of worrying about bills and overspending, I simply would go to the store to get what I need and that is it. If I do not over spend I would not have to worrying about my bills. Another thing I can do is try to get the bills out of the way first, then any money left over I can spend on what I want.

Lateness of self, exams, and time demands are events that occur occasionally. When it does occur, my heart starts to beat fast; I become inpatient; and I prefer to keep quiet and not talk to anyone. When I feel like I am running behind for work, my heart starts to beat fast and because I start rushing I do not like to stop and talk to others because I feel like it will take up more of my time. There are a variety of things I can do to reduce the stress caused by these events. For one, I can manage my time better so I do not have to worry about running late for work. Second, because running late is my fault and not anyone else’s I can be less inpatient with others; maybe that will help...
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