Theoretical Change Methods

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  • Published : July 10, 2011
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Theoretical Change Models
Marci Arndt
HCS 587
Janet Treadwell
University of Phoenix
May 22, 2011

Theoretical Model| Description of Theoretical Model| Type of health care change situation where model best applies| Bullock and Batten's planned change| This model has steps of how organization’s change. There are three steps 1) exploration, 2) planning, 3) action, and 4) integration. The exploration is how organization verify the need for change and acquire the necessary resources (such as expertise) to make the change. Planning involves the decision makers and technical experts and the plan is signed off by the manager. Action is completed by feedback and the replanning. The integration aligns the change with other areas in the organization and formulates this into rewards, policies and updates for the organization ( The way this model is used in an organization is through the many computers that are used within. This model makes it so that organizations can produce better service for the consumers. The way to use this model is to involve a project manager to ask the employees of the organization to come up with ideas on how the change will make the organization better. The project manager will be able to have the change move forward and to help those who are having a hard time realizing that the change will be good for the organization and that it will allow the organization to prosper and grow. The planning part may be hard for one person to handle so being able to get help from other sources outside of the organization will help to get the organization on the right track.| This model applies to all situations within any organizations. This model actually helps with the change of something new introduced to the organization such as adding on new portions of an existing building, adding new employees to the organization, and adding new programs. This model will help all employees and managers to be involved in making the change...
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