Concord Bookshop Paper

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  • Published : July 31, 2011
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Concord Bookshop Paper
Karen Jackson
November 8, 2010
Laura Rainey

Concord Bookshop Paper
Organizational change can derive from small changes to large changes that can affect a business. The Concord Bookshop went through changes as many other companies are faced in today’s recession, fierce competition, innovative technology, and restructuring needs. The important factors a company needs to concentrate include implementing successful interventions to stay in business, increase finances, and motivating employees to change their behaviors. If certain phases of an organizational change do not take place, this could lead to failure. In this paper, I will describe three processes not completed or implemented at the Concord Bookshop that lead to change failure. Renewal Strategies It is important to understand, study the dynamics of change, and know effective strategies or processes for change. Responding to organizational change, the company needs to create and keep customer service and momentum. A strategic renewal is needed by the organization to gain a competitive edge on competition. According to Spector (2010), a new organizational model is necessary for a business to gain profit and survive in the market. Spector (2010) referenced starting a new business model as the “Greenfield.” It is easier to start a new business from ground up with new employees instead of the “challenge of nurturing a new business model within an existing model” (Spector, 2010). Another renewal strategy to maintain and increase customer service is behavior change. Processes to change employees’ ways, dealing with consumers, and job responsibilities are not easy. Altered behaviors in employees and managers need to be long standing. The way an employee acts has effect on the basic performance of the organization (Spector, 2010). Management or leaders can encourage employees by including them to...
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