Hrm 587 Final Project

Topics: Change management, Management, Hewitt Associates Pages: 17 (6455 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Change Analysis

HRM587 Managing Organizational Change
Professor Dr. Shon Miles
October 21, 2012

1. Introduction
2. Assessment/Diagnosis
3. Analysis of the Change Strategy
4. Results/Outcomes
5. Evaluation of the Effort
6. References
7. Appendix

1. Introduction:
“Change can be happen without improving, but cannot be improved with out changing” These days it is becoming highly competitive environment and fast growing where all wants to be ahead and connected to the world. Since past 2 decades we have seen many inventions which created a mile stone and at the same time change our lifestyles in one way or other, which was possible because of the companies investing on R&D and consistence change in the organization. All the companies are confronting fundamental change, like the advent of 3 or eg technology, which poses more challenge for mobile phone, networks, introducing of digital photography, which does the same for makers of cameras. Different types of websites providing cheap airline tickets, which changed the life of dealers. Now-a-days change is mandatory for each and every sector in the world, as the change is happening too fast as there is a increase of globalization and technological updates which is making it much faster than any thing. All the organizations are trying hard to change their pace as we can see that technological changes have not only affected the organization but also each individual because of its global reach, and the availability of the information is too much than it was before. All the firms are downsizing themselves and societies are becoming decentralized. Change management has become one of the major components which helps in managing the work, strategy, organization, people and culture of the organization. Change is important so as to keep an organization more competitive to face the changing demographics and technological trends and increasing globalization. Change management is an ongoing process so as to keep the organization’s structures, processes and strategies up to date.

Company Background:
The organization selected in this analysis is AAA Michigan, ACG insurance company has customers in 6 states which is MI, WI, IL, MN and IA, these customers gets insurance from AAA for automobiles, house and life insurance. AAA is famous for providing offers or special deals for members regarding travel and roadside assistance. They provide customer service from three locations, which is Dearborn Heights MI, Grand Rapids MI and Omaha NE in which Dearborn Heights and Omaha has 24 hour customer service. The position I am referring is Real- Time Coordinator where there are total of 11 coordinators in which 7 at the headquarters in Dearborn, 2 in Gran Rapids and rest in Omaha. The calls are monitored in the organization by us just to make sure that they are doing it right and the people are receiving the right direction or assistance. Emergency roadside assistance is the most important one which is being monitored as it is the heart of the company. Also we are responsible for coordinating between the teams and make sure the communication plan is in place in addition to this we are also responsible for hiring new employees and terminating the employees and also allocating the hours in the plan view. What ever it may be change always occur within an organization and it should be handled carefully within an organization though it is a difficult process to initiate change internally in an organization. While handling change there are 2 key images of managing and 3 key images of change outcomes, it depends on the combination of all these images, which leads to different images of managing organizational change. The approach which has been taken below is based on the various articles and the material available and based on the condition and the circumstances I have seen in the organization I did...
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