The Twentieth Century Resulted in More Development Than All Those Before Pub Together. Do You Agree or Disagree with This Statement?

Topics: 20th century, Technology, Life expectancy Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: May 6, 2008
Compare with the period before 20th century, it is believed that we are now living in a modern century because of there were more important developments than in the past. Those biggest changes in separate areas such as computer, transportation, and medical technology have changed human beings live to be more convenience and easier. This essay will discuss how those three segments made human beings live changed.

First, one of the biggest changes in the 20th century was in the area of computer technology. Thanks to technological development, people can use instruments to accomplish their jobs more quickly and effectively. Moreover, computer is one of the most important technological developments. The computer, which is a tool that has changed business and lives around the world, increased productivity, and made human beings access to vast amounts of knowledge, is considered a significant icon of 20th century technology (Constable & Somerville, 2003). Nowadays, a large number of things are in connection with the tool. It is not only can be used in industry, but also can be used in other areas such as official, communicatory, and educational.

Second, another biggest change in the 20th century was in the part of transportation technology. Evolutions of transportation enable people to have chances to travel, freight, and do business around the world. People used animals or canoes to be the methods of traffic or travel. Richard Bak (2003) has stated “Before automobiles, horses fulfilled most personal transportation needs.”(P. 19) However, these methods were restrictive for them, they could not reach further distance or it took a long time and could not carry huge amount of cargo. Contrary to this, this big change enables people to move more quickly and freely and able to retrench their time waste during the long-distance journey.

Last, medical technology is the other part of biggest changes in the 20th century. Medical advancements enable human beings to live...
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