The Social Effects of Technology

Topics: Mobile phone, Time, Human Pages: 3 (768 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Today our world is enmeshed in technology. It has become an integral part of our existence. And without it we seem to gasp for air, struggling like a fish out of water. Technology has slowly morphed into our personal as well as the public domains of life.

It’s a serious issue as we face the modern existential crisis of living. And how viable is the contribution of technology on society, spurs a popular debate. Technology brings the world closer

world closer The Social Effects of Technology: Blessing or Curse

Today if we want to travel a short distance, we take the help of cars. Television has become a popular means of recreation. Moreover with the invention of the iPod music lovers can always tune in to their favorite tracks while traveling. The iPad has shrunk the world into a palm.

Last but not the least the invention of mobile phone has revolutionized the world as we can keep in touch with our loved ones by just pressing a few buttons. Technology has not only improved peoples’ average standard of living but has also managed to give them the feel of being close together. Is it a curse in disguise?

The greatest alteration between the 20th century and the 21st century is perhaps, how technology has changed our lives. Now, contacting with a person who is residing in some other part of the planet does not take months and days but just a few seconds. All the vast storehouse of information awaits us just beyond a few mouse clicks.

There is this frenzied pace that grapples us always. The events pass by in a flash without us realizing even a bit of what we are actually doing. The present constitutes the only reality in our lives. As the past is history and the future no one has seen. But due to this rapid encroachment of technology we cannot enjoy our present comfortably.

However, the worst effect of technology is that, people have become addicted to it. We cannot think for almost half a second without them. This is alarming as this dependency on...
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