Phl 458 Week 4 Individual Assignment Famous Thinkers Paper

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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Twentieth Century Thinkers

Twentieth Century Thinkers

The Twentieth Century, the year 1901, proved to be a time of change, brilliance, dedication, and new-found technology (2011). From quill pens to ink pens, horse-drawn carriages to gas powered engines, slavery and segregation of Blacks and Whites to the Civil Rights movement, and from handwriting on tablets to storing important information in a computer; the Twentieth Century made a tremendous amount of positive contributions to society. The contributions made in the Twentieth Century are often over-looked and taken for granted. Americans in particular have become somewhat spoiled with that is “just there.” What is forgotten and should often is; without the integrity and dedication within the creative minds of the Twentieth Century, the United States would be living as if it were still 1901 rather than 2012. Many individuals are responsible for the growth of this time. Two of the most influential, though each had a separate aspiration, are Martin Luther King and Bill Gates. Both men contributed a significant amount, and have gone down in history as individuals who changed the way the world worked personally, socially, and politically. Martin Luther King was one of the most influential civil rights activists and speakers of recent time. According to a Newsday article, King’s mission was to lead the world into a more accepting place with not only the Black American population but also other minority groups. The article also referred to King as, “Honored most for his heroic civil rights activism in the United States” as well as “a prophet of peace and justice in a world torn by war in Vietnam” (1992). Among his many accomplishments, Martin Luther King was a doctor, writer of five published books, a member of the executive committee of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP),...
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