Changes in He Twentieth Century

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Many things have changed from the twentieth century to the twenty- first century. One significant change that has occurred in the world between 1900 and 2005 is communication. The twenty- first century have more different varieties of communication advantages than back in the nineteen hundreds. These communications includes mail, phone, and even sound languages.

In the 1900's most people wrote letters in order to contact loved ones. In the year 2005 most people send an email instead of writing on paper and sending it by mail. The advantages of email are that you don’t have to spend money on paper, pens, and stamps. Sending someone an electronic mail than a letter by mail is a lot easier. Sending an email is also cheaper than sending a letter by mail also.

Phones in the 1900‘s were not as good back then than they are now. In the early 1900 hundreds there were no caller id or voice mail. In 2005 people were more aware of who was calling or who had called them because of the expand of phone technology. Cell phones were not invented in the early 1900‘s either. By 2005 people were able to used cell phones even if they were not at home.

Sound languages are another variety of communication advantage that occurred between 1900 and 2005. There are more ways to do sound languages now than back then. It was very hard to communicate with deaf people in the early 1900‘s. Now in the twentieth first century, more people are learning sound languages. There are also classes people can take now to learn how to do sound languages.

As you can see, the world has changed significantly between 1900 and 2005 in communication. We are now able to communicate better and in many different ways. These communications are mail, phone, and sound languages.
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