Technology in 1910s

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Workbook--Technology in 1910s

In the second decades of 20th century, there were several technology big movements. New inventions and developments in sciences made lots of advantages for ordinary families and factories, workplace. This decade was also the era, which the information became “globalize” and been shared between different countries-- Thanks to the invention of shortwave radio and wireless radio. The technological achievements in those decades were quite impressive. The world’s first portable fax machine was invented by French in 1913; the wireless radio service connected U.S. and Japan in 1915;four years after the shortwave radio and escalator were invented in 1919. The scientists were able to exchange their latest information and new ideas by these new communication tools, there fore gave a powerful impetus to the development of science in the next era. In 1903, the Wright brothers made achieve powered the aircraft flight fly off the ground for 15 seconds. Till the end of World War I, European countries produced more than 180,000 aircrafts. During World War II, the world has produced 700,000 aircraft. After World War I aviation industry started to occupied the position of the long-distance transport such as trains and ships. The innovation of aircraft shortens the distance between the Intercontinental, and even the world as a whole. It is no doubt that the civil aviation industry and aircraft industry has become one of the most important roles in contemporary. However, 1910’s were also a dark era----the outbreak of the First World War. The Great War indicated the powder of sciences could be a double-edged sword—The invention of machine gun took away the life of hundreds of millions of people; the plane was used as a powerful weapon in air combat; the submarines and the tanks were introduced to the battles.

Speed graphic camera
The speed graphic camera was first produced in 1912. The speed graphic camera was not easy to use----the...
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