The Success Factors of Vodafone

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Vodafone’s Success factors
Assignment 2

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Adel Ahmed


“A guy talking to people about “” can raise $1 million over the course of a lunch, while someone who has a cure for liver cancer is totally ignored by venture capitalists” –Ronald Bland, Maryland enterprise investment fund(Egbert, 1999a:63).” ,Buss(2001). As quoted by Buss, technology based ventures have the edge over regular ventures; using the latest technology will help in many different ways inside the business venture in terms of marketing, HR, management...etc. This would give us a clue why Vodafone is one of the leading companies in its industry. Michael, Duane and Robert(2009) stated that Vodafone was the leading mobile operator in the world, with over 150 million customers in over 26 countries around the world; Vodafone’s market capital is estimated at $165.7 Billion, making it the eleventh most valuable company in the world(according to Michael, Duane & Robert, 2009). Neglecting the fact that Vodafone’s Equity is massive and allows this corporation to undertake projects that normal business wouldn’t even dream of going through; what makes Vodafone better than other multi-million Dollar companies?

Figure 1.1 Vodafone financial status for the years 2009,2010, 2011

An important part in any business is the people who are operating that business, and by operating, not only the managers and other decision makers are included, but any employee who has a direct effect on the outcome of the business. The way each corporation manages its employees differs according to the company structure and size. This brings us to the first success factor for Vodafone, employee satisfaction and loyalty. In October 2010, Vodafone conducted a survey measuring employees’ engagement level, loyalty and motivation, and Vodafone had scored 75; meaning they have maintained a high score in employee engagement(Vodafone group plc, 2011)....
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