Hr Employee Health and Wellbeing at Work

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Employee health and well being at work:

Having healthy employees is good for business as they tend to be more productive and creative, and are less likely to take sick leave. As a result, staff turnover is reduced and morale among staff is maintained.

All employers have a legal duty of care to their employees. In addition, taking health and well-being seriously can bring a range of business benefits. For example: * simple measures to prevent and manage ill-health can lead to a decrease in employee absence, which can improve productivity and competitive edge * healthy working environments can contribute to reduced employee absence through sickness and stress * employees who feel cared for are often more satisfied and perform better, which can help reduce staff turnover and increase productivity * getting employees back to work after illness helps reduce the risk of losing experienced employees and having to pay to recruit new staff being known as an organisation that cares about its employees can enhance reputation and help to attract staff and customers

Whatever the type, size and location of abusiness, employees are a valuable asset worth looking after. There are a number of things that an employer can do for the health and well-being of employees, such as: * supporting staff at work - simple things can add up to big changes in overall feelings of well-being - so ask "How are you?", listen when employees ask for help and be flexible and considerate * communicating - help employees with what they need to do in their job and encourage them to talk about issues affecting both their home and work life * consulting - ask employees for their views on, and involve them in making, business decisions * keeping a healthy workplace - keep the workplace healthy and safe for employees * monitoring employees – mak sure that managers know if employees are healthy and feel well * keeping records -...
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