The Role of Local Government Units in National Security Administration

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  • Published : July 25, 2012
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Year Publish: 1999
Place of Publication: NDCP (National Defense College of the Philppines) Author: SALINDONG, CORAZON G
Title: The Role of Local Government Units in National Security Administration

The objective of this study was to determine the extent of awareness of Local Chief Executives (LCEs) concerning their tasks and responsibilities in promoting the welfare and well being of their people and in preserving territorial integrity. Actual situations and constraints were studied and analyzed to find out if these had some effect on the awareness levels of LCEs. The study sought answers to the following research questions; 1. What are the levels of awareness/performance of LGUs/LCEs concerning the execution of their tasks and responsibilities with respect to promotion of welfare and well-being of the people and the preservation of territorial integrity? 2. What are the actual situations/limitations/constraints on the performance of the LCEs tasks and responsibilities? 3. Are there significant differences between LGUs/LCEs awareness levels of their task and responsibilities with actual situations, limitations and constraints? The overall rating of LGUs awareness on their tasks and responsibilities as per Local Government Code was satisfactory (3.94). The LCEs were aware of their tasks and responsibilities; however, there are constraints and limitations that affect the performance of their functions like the need for clear cut guidelines along the provisions of health, social and other services, fund limitations and lack of facilities. There are recommendations made to address the constraints/limitations in the performance of functions of LGUs. A thorough review of the Local Government Code has to be conducted to determine the LGUs can carry out the devolved functions more effectively and efficiently. Policies and standard have to be formulated to correct imbalances on service delivery particularly health, social and ecological security...
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