Assessment Guide - Amb202 Integrated Marketing Communication

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Assessment Guide - AMB202 Integrated Marketing Communication

This guide provides you with information and criteria sheets for AMB202 Integrated Marketing Communication assessment items. There are three criterion referenced assessment items within this unit: hot topic oral presentation, an IMC Evaluation project and poster (group).

Hot topic Pecha Kucha oral presentation – individual 25%

This assessment item is designed to build skills both in research analysis and interpretation of an IMC topic, as well as building oral presentation skills. This assessment item requires you to choose one (1) IMC topic and review it in class. Presentations will begin from week 5. It needs to be HOT and current. Presentations are no longer than 7 (seven) minutes. A Pecha Kucha style presentation ensures that you have a specific time limit. They should be informative but interesting. We don’t want to be lectured. Have fun with it. It is your seven minutes of fame (see Warhol). You will need to submit proof that your topic is hot, so please attach a copy of newspaper, journal, trade publication article, or website print out. Please also attach a Bibliography to show us your research sources.

Major project

Assessment three: IMC Plan – group 20% plus 20% Poster (or computer simulation)

You will choose one organisation, person or a brand from a range presented to you (or you may choose your own – just speak with your tutor about this, but we don’t encourage it). Next, you are required to investigate your topic and its environment and define organisational and marketing communication issues through primary and secondary sources. Using the Consistency Triangle as a framework, analyse if your chosen client is undertaking consistency, or if there are inconsistencies in their marketing communication messages.

You are required to review the situation ie a situational analysis, undertake a SWOT analysis , define and justify the problem/s if any that exist, research and collect marketing communication material – both planned and unplanned, identify target audiences and provide marketing communication recommendations to the organisation. Your response is to be based on the facts provided to you by your client, as well as secondary research that you MUST conduct. It will also be supported by academic literature.

1. Define the Company, person or brand
Define the main marketing communication issues regarding your case by conducting secondary research.

2. Identify critical factors/issues relating to the Company or brand In relation to your chosen case, identify critical factors or issues that relate to the situation and will affect, positively or negatively, the organisation’s management of the situation. In this section, you could consider points including the internal and external environment, the organisation’s operations, goals, performance, and public opinion. This section is more than a list of facts. It requires you to interpret facts and explain their relevance to the situation.

3. Identify target audiences
Identify and characterise target audiences. Identify key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and draw links between external and internal aspects. Are any being neglected? Recommend how your choice of marketing communication can aid your client.

4. Identify a range of solutions to the defined problem
Based on an understanding of any problems and the critical factors/issues facing your case, develop a range of marketing communication solutions to the defined problem. These solutions require you to interpret environmental or organisational factors and develop appropriate communication responses. You are to identify a possible of three solutions that relate to integrated marketing communications (ie direct marketing, viral marketing, sponsorship, Internet and PR etc).

5. Justify your best solution
Why have you chosen these possible solutions and how can you see them working?

6. Is the...
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