The Role of Advertising Agencies in the Development of Successful Promotional

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P3 – Explain the role of advertising agencies in the development of successful promotional campaign Advertising is considered by many major organisations as a powerful marketing tool to increase sales and can enhance the image of their company/brand. They are also service provide who create an effective advert for their client company to help them meet their business objectives or built their brand image at a price. As there can be high competition in the market that a business operates in, advertising agency can provide service in creating, attracting attention, unique and memorable adverts. This is because advertising agency has specialist team who are responsible for researching the target market. So they know how to connect with the consumers very well. Before starting out any campaign or developing any ideas such agency tries to understand the product or the company. They try to get well acquainted with the client company and understand what they are trying to achieve. This information they collect is very essential as to create the commercial to the client of the satisfactory.

Saatchi and Saatchi
Saatchi and Saatchi is one of the well-known creative agencies famous for their adverts. It was founded by brothers Maurice and art collector Charles in 1970.This agency operates globally in 80 countries and has 140 offices. It employs around 6,500 people. Their clients include some of the major companies such as Visa, T- Mobile, Olay, Guinness, and Ariel and so on. As a creative agency, they have to understand what their client want achieve out of the advert. This could be building their image, create interest in people, get the message across and to create a desire for them to buy. Once they know what their client wants to achieve, they start creating and developing an effective advert or marketing campaign to meet the objective of the client’s company. They create their advert through different forms of media such as the internet, TV, magazine, newspaper and so on. Mostly, there is going to be a promotional mix. Royal Wedding Advert

Saatchi and Saatchi is responsible creating the “life’s for sharing” adverts for T- mobile which have been very successful as it is the most watched adverts online. This was featured in both TV and on YouTube. All the adverts created for T-Mobile are unique in its theme, music and situations. This is why they are so popular. The teaser video of the same ad has more than 170,000 within 24 hours of going online. This just shows how effective the advert has been and Saatchi and Saatchi are responsible for this. This advert was intended to go viral so that the brand could be exposed to all its audiences. As of now, it has more than 25 million views in you tube and is still being watched by many. This has helped boost T-Mobile’s company profile and most importantly, this has helped T-Mobile to reach millions of people. The life’s for sharing adverts in the past has been watched by more than 50 million people worldwide. Once people get to know the brand and have a good/ memorable impression of the brand, they are most likely to purchase from brand and so ultimately objectives of meeting the sales target can be met. Creative development:

In this department, there are creative specialists who are responsible for the creation and execution of the advertisements. These specialists are known as copy writers. They are also the ones who come up with ideas and themes for the adverts and those ideas are further developed. For the advertising campaign, they prepare storyboard, which are rough layout of the ad in print version. Mainly the copywriters are responsible for creating the ad and the art department are responsible for the visual appearance of the ad. For the T-Mobile advert above, this department must have come with the idea of the royal wedding theme. This advert was developed by Copy writer/ creative director Paul Silburn, their art director, Lovisa Almgren-Flaken and agency producer...
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