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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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Individual Advertising Campaign Brief
PURPOSE: The purpose of this assignment is to give students an opportunity to show their understanding of advertising principles and apply their creativity through the strategic design of an advertising campaign concept. The designed advertising campaign will aim to address opportunities or problems identified in the ‘advertising brief’ derived from the findings of the group research report. BRIEF: Students are required to develop an advertising campaign designed to meet the goals/objectives identified in the advertising brief developed from the group research report. Students are required to propose a concept or BIG IDEA that communicates the message and execution strategy of the proposed advertising campaign. Students are required to submit a PowerPoint proposal (10-15 slides) that explains how and why they developed advertising campaign that has been designed to meet the goals/objectives of the advertising brief. The proposal should aim to explain the creative strategy, message strategy and execution strategies against the goals/objectives of the advertising brief. Below is the outline of the proposal (based on Chapter 12 of the Advertising Principles & Practice book):        Problem Target audience insights Brand position Communication objectives Proposition or selling idea/USP Media considerations Creative direction (Concept/BIG IDEA) - Creative strategy - Message strategy - Execution strategies

The campaign can be developed for any common advertising media. The campaign can be either a ‘single media’ campaign eg. a campaign of print ads or a ‘cross media’ campaign eg. a campaign of print, outdoor and radio (students will need to provide an argument/reason for their choice of media in their media consideration). In this course we refer to a single ad in one media as ‘an execution’, the campaign must consist of at least 3 executions and no more than 5.

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