Business Unit 9 P3 P4 M1

Topics: Advertising, Advertising agency, Marketing Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: December 31, 2012
An advertising agency is a firm that carries most of the areas of advertising production for clients who hired it. The clients would hire them because they may lack the strategic planning that is needed when advertising a product in a way that’s creative and effective and that attracts the audience to the product or service. Some agencies manage of the parts of the advertising campaigns. Areas include them performing market research both primary & secondary research and establishing product branding plans by promoting the products or the business name for example and placing them in appropriate locations.

Businesses uses professional services that they are skilled at to advertise the product, service or even the business itself. Services include media buying, advertising design, and advertising production. Firstly a media buyer is an individual that the advertising agency sends to purchase the time period and space for the products to be advertised on different sources of media productions and types of advertising like radio, internet, TV and print. For example a Cadbury chocolate product may be advertised on TV for 15 seconds long on different TV channels such as ITV, BBC, and channel 4 and 5. The media buyer is responsible on the budget for the time and space for their advisement to be shown for production so the audience to view. The media buyer also considers where the advertisement will be displayed around the nation because the business demographic aim will affect where the advertisement be shown in the country.

Secondly the advertising design is the creation plan and develop the visual aspect of the product advertisement to be shown for consumers. The advertisement agency will use graphic designers to create an idea plot and the design for the advertisement before it’s physically created and recorded or printed unless if the advertisement uses animation then the graphic designers perform most of the operation.

Thirdly agencies uses...
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