Big Spaceship: Ready to Go Big

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Big Spaceship: Ready to Go Big

1.What is the defining features of the industry in which Big Spaceship competes, and who are it primary competitors?

The defining features of the digital marketing industry are:

Creativity- Having a constant creative team can help any company within the digital marketing industry grow and build a strong reputation.

Skill/Competency - Skill is the backbone of the company, a company can have all the creativity in the world but if they do not have a skill to execute these ideas then having that creativity is meaningless.

Relationships- Maintaining and building new client relationships are very important in this industry because these relationships can help make the process more streamline for both parties.

Team work- Being able to pool all the competencies within the company effectively leads to a more finished product in a timelier manner. Also good team work can increase the moral of the staff which in turn leads to more productivity.

Communication- Like in any industry, communication plays a vital role in ensuring that work flow and customer needs are met. A breakdown in communication can lead to poor product and an unsatisfied customer.

The following companies are the primary competitors to Big Spaceship:

AKQA (Digital agencies) – A company that specializes in interactive internet and digital marketing similar to Big Spaceship and also operates in the same geographic area.

SAATCHI & SAATCHI (Full-service agencies) - A global advertizing company that offers a full digital services to clients

Anomaly (Boutique general agencies) - Founded in 2004, Anomaly is a new-model, multidisciplinary marketing communications firm/advertising agency that operates in the New York City.

2.What is the value proposition of Big Spaceship, and how does the value proposition enable the firm to create strategic differentiation within its industry? What are the strengths and weaknesses of that strategy?

The value proposition of Big Spaceship is its unique resource management, honest client relationships, cautious growth and the work they choose.

Their unique resource management is setup in a horizontal level manner. The horizontal approach focuses on cross disciplinary collaboration. This approach to their organizational structure further helps with communication among staff members and also allows decreases the barriers between departments.

Big Spaceship also has the luxury of being able to choose what projects that they want to spend their time and resources on. This differs from the competition because they are not forced into a project that they do not feel strongly about. They believe that this leads to greater innovation and less employee turnover.

They also maintain an honest client relationship and are “brutally” honest and open with their clients. Most of Big Spaceship competitors would say what the client want to hear at the start of project and because they are too eager to procedure the deal. This type of behavior leads to issues of trust later in the project. To combat this, Big Spaceship differentiates itself by adopting an honestly policy at the start of every project which sets the platform for open and honest communication throughout the project.

Also to differentiate itself from the competition, Big Spaceship approaches growth of the company with caution. Unlike most companies that view growth has a primary goal Big Spaceship on the other hand takes a more careful approach to the growth of the company. They believe that slow and steady growth can help in preserving the culture of the company.
Strengths and weaknesses of the value proposition

Unique resource management – The strength of this strategy is the ability for the teams to communicate with management which in turns helps in streamlining the workflow and output. This also the...
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