The Rich Brothers

Topics: Tobias Wolff, Geoffrey Wolff, Wealth Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: October 9, 2012
The Rich Brother
Each persons deffinition of rich is different. In The Rich Brother, Pete valued material things and felt that he had prospered while Donald hadn't because the only thing Donald valued was his soul and Pete couldn't understand that. I think that Pete's treatment of Donald stemmed from their childhood and the feelings of jealousy towards Donald that Pete had. Both, Pete and Donald seem to resemble the author Tobias Wolff and his brother Geoffrey in ways. Pete and Donald were completely different in everyway but, I believe Donald was the richer of the two and not Pete. Pete and Donald were different in their look, their values and in the way they lived their lives. Pete was stout and hearty while Donald was bony and grave. Pete valued materialistic things while Donald valued his soul. Pete owned his own business and had a wife and a family. Donald didn't own anything and he worked as a house painter when he could and he was alone in the world except for Pete who thought of him more as a nuisence than a brother. Pete took from the world and Donald gave to the world. I think that Pete's feelings toward Donald stemmed from their childhood. I believe that while Donald was sickly as a child that Pete was jealous of all the attention that their mother gave Donald. When Donald had surgery, Pete kept trying to kill him by hitting him where his stitches were. And when they talked on the drive and Donald confronted Pete with it Pete tried to deny it at first and when Donald told him theat he was awake when he was hitting him and just pretending to be asleep Pete couldn't figure out why Donald hadn't fought him back or at least screamed out. On that car ride Donald forgave Pete and Pete didn't respond but he felt guilty. Pete didn't understand why Donald was so concerned about his soul. He felt that since his parents didn't believe in anything that there was nothing to believe in. Donald joined different religious groups...
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