A Manly Heart by Hugh Garner

Topics: Shame, Embarrassment, Blushing Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Don’t Hide From Your Shame May 17 2011

In this story written by Hugh Garner, you have a young man named Donald, who is graduating from a private school and onto University. Donald is ashamed of where he comes from, his economic standings, and most of all, his mother. The many people he tries to avoid with his mother, eventually end up finding him and he becomes ashamed the moment his mother starts to talk. The several people his mom meets are confused and greatly disapprove of his actions towards his mother in several ways.

Donald’s behaviour is an act of embarrassment and shamefulness. He acts the way he does because he is embarrassed by his mother, the town he grew up in, and how much money they have. Donald knows his mother will spill his secret and who knows what else to anybody she decides to strike up a friendly, and what he believes to be annoying, conversation. My reaction to Donald is a feeling of understanding, because as a teenager, you often are embarrassed by relatives and would prefer if they didn’t talk about your childhood to anyone you may know personal.

Each person Donald and his mother encounter, react to his behaviour in a Different way. Archie notices how different Donald is acting, and is curious as to what he is so nervous about, he gets frustrated when Donald kicks him, and sonly becomes agitated with his antics. Mrs. Tomlinson’s reaction to Donald is a little bit harder to depict in the story, in his view he believes he is sympathizing with him but truthfully, she is giving him dirty looks suggesting she disapproves about the tone he carries with his mother. Dr. Palgrave appeared to have more concern about Donald’s mother, and her feelings as they leave campus, and not so much on Donald’s reaction. He appeared to be consoling his saddened mother as they left the room, not paying attention to Donald in any manner.

This leads Donald to open his eyes, slightly, and leads him to think that they were ashamed of Donald...
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