Vulnerability, Hopelessness, and Devotion

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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19 Minutes: Peter


Vulnerable - Peter had to endure through days where he was tormented daily by those bullies. He had days where it seemed like it would never end. The minutes felt like hours. It made him weaker in the mind, adding on to his fragility. While other kids in    his grade can just ignore and push problems to the side, he was constantly unable to get those bullies off his mind. So he then created a game where smart kids that get bullied just like him can share the pleasure of shooting up a school which had those bullies in it. It portrayed what he wanted to do to them and can instantly be seen as what his dream was to do. His actions spoke for him that he needed help. With Peter's mind already set to his primary goal to kill those who tormented him and never let him have a good day, his life was about to hit rock bottom and there will be no way back up.

Hopelessness - Peter was bullied ever since he started kindergarten. The kids that were bigger and more popular teased him with no signs of stopping. His brother couldn't even protect him. Peter's parents and the other adults told him to stand up for himself, but that didn't work because he was put down right away by the bullies. Peter was always in the torment of choosing life or death because of the betrayal he experienced with his best friend Josie when they were kids.

Devotion - Peter didn't have many friends as a child, the only one that really noticed him and cared about him was his best friend Josie. So when Josie betrayed him during middle school, it really lead towards Peter's determination to carry out his plans. Josie never wanted to be mean or non-caring but she just sat by and let the others bully him and even got him fired from Peter's first and only job. Peter was devoted, he showed his faith towards his ex-best friend when he spared her in the last moments of the shooting. He also kept a big secret of Josie's from the world, it was that...
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