The Recommendaiton of Htc Company

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GAC012 Assessment Event 2: Academic Research Essay

The Recommendation for HTC Company

Student’s Name: Viola Xu
Student ID#: QING21168
Teacher: Ben Charlton
Due Date: 26 September 2012
Word Count: 1682
Table of Contents
Executive Summary1
Conclusions and Recommendations:7

Executive Summary
This report was raised to find a method to help HTC have a larger market in China by recommending a marketing mix. A decrease from 8.9% to 4.8% in one year needs to be addressed (Ken Liu, 2012). By looking for the ability of how much the marketing mixes can contribute to the development of HTC, our results showed us that the product development can help more than market development. HTC lost its competitive power since it does not change the products much more, especially compared with IPhone4. People are more likely to buy a long-life phone in shopping places; advertisements can be produced to let people know HTC; and HTC has to find the strategies to cover the more customers in China. The report concludes that compared with market development, the product development is the most efficient way to develop HTC Company because products in HTC will be more convenient and cheaper than IPhone4. Introduction:

1.1Objectives of the research
The purpose of this paper is to develop the products this company has a little bit or create a new product for this company to satisfy the demand of customers. And at the end, the most efficient marketing mix will be chosen to help HTC to develop. 1.2.1Uses and applications

HTC is a mobile phone company established in Taiwan. It used to cooperate with Beats and now, HTC has 4.8% of market in China (No author, HTC’S Q1 Shipments Drop Amid Strong Smartphone Growth Worldwide, 2012). 1.2.2Target market

The target market of HTC is usually teens and adults all over the world. But HTC gets to pay more attention on teens since RIM has dominated teens’ market for many years (Blatchford, 2011). 1.2.3Key success factors

HTC has some beautiful appearances, like it produced some products just for women. The Android system runs the phones very fast and HTC phones are cheaper than many other phones. 1.2.4Reasons for choosing

Since smart phones became more popular in the public, more and more people get to know HTC. But the market of HTC is not big enough since they have been developed for many years. 1.3 SWOT analysis & the 4P’s

SWOT standards for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Internal factors include strengths and weaknesses. These two factors are what the companies can find by themselves so that they can use their strengths and avoid weaknesses when competing with other companies. The external factors are opportunities and threats. These two factors are what companies cannot control, but they have to predict things good or bad for them in the particular market to develop companies (GAC012, 2010). 4P stands for price, product, place and promotion. These are the details for the market mix. They can be used to plan the market mix so that the aim of the company is produced. A company can control and achieve objectives by using 4Ps. (GAC012, 2010) 1.4 Thesis Statement

At the end of this research, either product development or market development will be chosen according to the result of the survey. In this way, HTC will get this recommendation to develop their products to cooperate with Apple. Method:

2.1 Data collection methods
The data of the questionnaire helped to analyze how much the product development and market development can help HTC increase the market and how can HTC use its SWOT to meet the demand of customers. By comparing these two marketing mixes, the best one will be chosen to help HTC. 2.2 How data collection methods addressed the research objective The participants include both adults and teens, so it helps to see a whole market target of HTC instead of...
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