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Marketing Management

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Marketing and Customer Value

The Value Delivery Process
HTC is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones. One of the HTC’s key selling points is its ability to enhance the user experience through applications. Since HTC has redesigned their products with the accordance of Google’s Operating System, its market share has been increased rapidly. Yet they are designing the high-end smartphones in the industry that are equipped with most advance features in the market.

HTC Corp. has decided to become a recognized global brand in the Smartphone market. This requires: * Restructuring manufacturing operations
* Deciding value-proposition
* Change of OS
* US and China focus
* Changes in cost-structure
* Intense marketing efforts
* Re-orient financial resources
* ODM manufacturing (Original Design Manufacturer)
* Rethink white label, mass-customization

The Value Chain
Although HTC Corporation continues to grow, it is not growing initially in 21st Century, so they equip their smartphones with largest and most advance operating system (Android) by partnering with Google Inc. The company has increased their product range and expands their selling network. Involving in new-product development has improved the products range, cutting costs, most efficient and reliable and superior quality smartphones.

Core Competencies
HTC's product portfolio offers easy-to-use solutions that embrace the full range of mobile multimedia resources, wireless anytime and Internet on the go. It is an Innovative ODM and Premium Priced Phone Maker. It has an extensive range of HTC-branded products around the world. It is the only brand in smartphones that have the largest number of phones equipped with latest android platform. Content is becoming an important strategy of HTC’s future core competency

A Holistic Marketing Orientation and Customer Value

Value Exploration
* Began the first Smart phone innovation in early 2000.
* Built operator business model since 2002.
* Established unique partnerships with leading mobile brands, including Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, and major operators in the world. * Decided to go HTC own brand since 2006.
* Change product strategy from hardware innovation to hardware, software and experience holistic innovation. Value Creation
* The first successful brand product launched – HTC Touch in 2007. * Launched the most compelling Windows Mobile product – Touch Diamond in 2008. * Enabled first Android platform in 2008.

* Develop a “green” image.
* Add strong value to your partner.
Value Delivery
* Communicate HTC innovation to consumer
* Fully capture the value of innovation
* Create long term shareholder value
* To be able to continue to invest on innovation

The Central Role of Strategic Planning
HTC invested greatly in research and development to create further product innovation. The subsequent differentiation and innovation strategy indeed created a shift in the industry structure as mentioned in Viney and Gleadle (2007). The outreach for China was part of HTC’s overall vision to expand its brand name into the global market. This led HTC’s executive team to ponder on how quickly it had to move to achieve this dream

Breakthrough Marketing (Intel)

Corporate and Division Strategic Planning

Business Level Strategy
HTC Corporation adopted collaborative strategies and entered the business smartphone market in strategic collaboration with firms of Windows Mobile operating systems in 1997. After the Global Financial Crisis, the company decided to enter the general smartphone market and expanded its collaboration...
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