The Purpose of British Airways

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L01: Understanding the organisational purposes of business
Task 1
The British Airways background:

British Airways came into existence since civil aviation began shortly after World War I. A lot has changed in the 90 years from the world's first schedule air service on 25 August 1919 to the present day civil air travel. Every 10 years since civil aviation began. The world has seen changes in the types of planes that have been in service to the speed of sound air travel as well as developments and changes to the business in all aspects of all areas. It is this that has paved the way that British Airways do business and will carry on perfecting and tweaking its service so passengers across the globe can see that British Airways is the world’s favourite airline.

British Airways Mission statement:

"At British Airways, we want our customers to be at the heart of everything we do."

"Over the next five years, we will be investing heavily in our products and services, in order to maintain our position at the forefront of the airline industry. We believe that achieving this goal requires ingenuity, a constant dialogue with you, our customers and a dedication to improving our delivery of existing and new products and services."

British Airways Vision Statement:

"Our corporate responsibility vision is to become the world’s most responsible airline, and we have developed guiding principles that describe what we are doing to achieve this goal."

British Airways Short term objectives:

* Be punctual with service and achieve 20 percentage points in the year * Depart the aircrafts with in 15minutes of its scheduled time * Reduced lost or misdirected bags during the year
* Transferring 21 of British Airways services to Heathrow Terminal 3 during February and March for premium check-in is consolidates with our oneworld...
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