Eu Competition Law

Topics: Michelin, European Union, France Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: February 29, 2012
1.00/1.00IN British Airways case commission had stated that ... [pic]
-50.00%MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] British Airways abuse of the market did not distort competition between British Airways and other airlines50.00%[pic]MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] that British Airways is a purchaser of a dominant position on the uk market for air travel agencies 50.00%[pic]MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] by applying the marketing agreements and new system of performance awards, British Airways abused their dominant position -50.00%MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] British Airways did not have any dominant position in the market [pic]

1.00/1.00The Court found the following accusations against MIcrosoft in Microsoft case to be true... [pic]
-50.00%MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] the company had disconnected its previous links to the competitors programs50.00%[pic]MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] Refusal to supply and authorise the use of interoperability information 50.00%[pic]MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] Tying of the Windows client PC operating system and Windows Media Player -50.00%MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] actions of Microsoft were especially tarketed to close out Linux [pic]

1.00/1.00In Michelin case, Michelin NV’s share in new replacement tyres for lorries, buses and similar vehicles in the Netherlands was ___________ and it was considered to have dominant position in the market, [pic]

-100.00%MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] 50-57%100.00%[pic]MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] 57-65% -100.00%MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] 65-70%-100.00%MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] 70-75% [pic]
0.50/1.00Commission’s statements in Michelin case were:
25.00%[pic]MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] On the Netherlands market a large number of users have a strong preference for Michelin tyres, and a dealer established in the Netherlands normally cannot afford not to sell Michelin tyres.25.00%[pic]MACROBUTTON HTMLDirect [pic] The undertaking should has a special responsibility not to allow its conduct to impair...
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