Jetblue Mission/Vision Satatement

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JetBlue Mission/Vision Statements and Their Equivalents

JetBlue Mission/Vision Statements and Their Equivalents

This portion of the paper outlines the formation of a vision statement and the mission and values JetBlue embraces. A firm can initiate strategic management once it forms a mission statement. That statement allows the firm to aspire to its potential while bearing in mind what it wants to avoid as is successfully grows (Barney and Hesterly, 2010). JetBlue’s mission primarily has been to be a premier low-cost carrier, and the firm has been lax in updating its original, short statements. JetBlue’s Mission Statement

JetBlue currently files its mission statement under an annual report heading of “Our Value Proposition.” This mission statement appears as more of a slogan and is quickly dispensed in one sentence: “Our mission is to bring humanity back to air travel” (“JetBlue Annual Report, 2010). However, as the expanded mission description and incorporated vision attest, successive statements further expand on the corporate goals. These four statements read as follows: • High Quality Service and Product

• Low Operating Costs
• Brand Strength
• Strength of Our People
The company has never formalized a standard vision plan or traditional vision statement, as noted in the 2003 interview with Nigel Adams, Vice President of Customer Service. “One of our values is fun,” Adams said, “We're allowed to have fun, we're supposed to have fun, and that comes from the top” (Judd, 2003). JetBlue replaces a formalized mission statement with five core values: safety, caring, fun, integrity, and passion (Judd, 2003). These five values are deemed so significant that they are printed on every paper paycheck JetBlue issues (“Effectively Managing,” 2004).

These values also provide the framework for the company’s culture, as noted by Chief Security Officer,...
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