Conceptualizing a Business Bus/475

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Conceptualizing a Business
July 11, 2012

Mission, vision and value statements are guiding principles that need to be at the forefront of an organization’s strategic initiative. In order to have a successful organization a strong strategic objective must be in place. This essay will discuss the descriptive analysis regarding the mission and vision of Southwest Airlines and it differentiate its organization from its competitors. Southwest Airlines values are, governed by their mission and vision statement, which is satisfying to our stakeholders, increased profitability, and differentiates from our competitors. Analysis

Southwest Airlines business plan is to develop a stronger relationship with its customers by providing a quality service with a strong product. The use of a SWOTS analysis will assist management in achieving their goals. SWOT analysis provides the basis for crafting a strategy that capitalizes on the company’s resources, aims squarely at capturing the company’s best opportunities, and defends against the threats to its well-being.

Southwest Airlines will provide added services to its customers by providing more incentives to its customers besides free baggage. State of the art equipped aircraft to suit its traveler’s needs and other discounts geared towards making Southwest Airlines the number one choice for travelers in the future. Southwest will have a staff that will monitor their customer’s past/current experience with the airline by using a database design to track pertinent information about their frequent, and new traveler’s. Finally, Southwest Airlines will provide a 24-hour customer care center to assist those customers who may want information pertaining to Southwest and any other sponsorship promotions that Southwest may have available. Mission Statement

Our mission statement will guide the overall purpose of our organization, in terms of what products and services we will offer. It will also point out who are target customers are and how and why Southwest Airlines will do it. Southwest Airlines will continuously update its mission statement so we can track our progress remain very dynamic in serving our customer’s needs. By continuously tracking progress, we will be more proactive when it comes to tackling our competitor’s moves. Mission Statement: According to "We Operate With A Warrior Spirit, A Servant's Heart, And A Fun-Luving Attitude" (n.d.), "Dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.” (para. 1). To create and develop an atmosphere that will make it easier for our frequent flyers to monitor and manage their travel plans more effectively. Providing continuous state of the art equipment and a cost effective web based program that is easy to use for our customers. Vision

Southwest Airlines mission statement will assist our organization in motivating our employees by using opportunities available in the online ecommerce market. The convincing vision statement will help our employees to feel proud about the ways in which our organization is committed to providing their employees with a stable work environment, equal opportunity, and a learning environment to enhance personal growth. Creativity and innovation play a vital role in the improvement and the effectiveness of Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines has the same concerns, respect, and caring attitude in their organization that is, expected to be, shared externally with all Southwest Airline customers. Southwest Airlines vision statement calls for a sustainable future. Southwest Airlines future includes a balance business plan for their employees, community, environment, and financial viability. To protect the future generations and uphold their commitments to our employees, customers, and other Stakeholders, the organization will strive to lead the...
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