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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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| |Campus: High School | |Author(s): Wilson |Date Created / Revised: 4-06-2010 | |Six Weeks Period: 6th |Grade Level & Course: English III AP | |Timeline:  25 Days |Lesson Unit Title: Slaughterhouse Five/AP Test Blitz | |Stated Objectives: |Which subject-specific TEKS are going to be addressed in the lesson unit? | |TEKS Addressed in the Lesson | | |Unit |10 Reading/Comprehension of Informational Text/Persuasive Text. Students analyze and draw conclusions about persuasive text and | | |provide evidence from text to support their analysis | |(Include TEK number and (SE) |10A Evaluate how the author’s purpose and stated or perceived audience affect the tone of persuasive texts | |student expectation |11 Reading/Comprehension of Informational/Procedural Texts, Students understand how to glean and use information in procedural texts| |description |and documents. | | |11A Evaluate the logic of sequence of information presented in a text | | |14C Write a script with an explicit or implicit theme, using a variety of literary techniques | | |15B(i) Write a clearly stated purpose combined with a well-supported viewpoint on the topic | | |15B (iii) Write relevant questions that engage readers and consider their needs; | | |15B (v) appropriate organizational structures supported by facts and details. | |Clarifiers: |What specific concepts will be included that clarify the content and satisfy the goal of the TEKS addressed in this lesson unit? | | |Plan and create a media text | |(Specific concepts to be |Generate questions about the motivations about war and the public perception of way | |included to address the TEKS) | | |Vocabulary Addressed |What unfamiliar terms will be introduced to the students that will enhance their understanding of the concept? | | | | | |Alternate reality, science-fiction (as a genre), flashback, synthesis essay, | |Anticipatory Set or Introduction|What activity will focus attention on the subject matter of the upcoming lesson unit, establishing...
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