Sony Cybershot: A New Digital Camera

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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On October 19, 2006 the Sony Corporation presented the world with their marketing campaign for the Sony Cybershot, a new digital camera. In the advertisement you see Michelle Wie, an up and coming Asian female golfer, sitting in a cross legged Zen like position on a golf green with a golf ball in one hand and a Cybershot camera in the other. Behind her is a sunray made of golf clubs, and there are hues of oranges and golds and reds that make up the color palate for this advertisement. Below her is a description of the camera. “Michelle Wie is known for making extraordinary shots, and now for taking them. Inspiration for a seventeen-year-old golf phenom can be found anywhere from the golf course to the beach. That’s why Michelle pockets her Sony Cyber-shot DSC-120 camera anytime she and her friends get together. Using features like Super SteadyShot optical image stabilization she can capture clear, crisp pictures, even in low-light situations. So she keeps the mood without a blast from her flash. Perfect for a pro used to getting the shot she wants. Turn on inspiration. Turn off blur.” (Sony, 2006) In the following analytical essay I will be presenting my analysis of the Sony Cybershot advertisement and explanation of the persuasive techniques used that are found in Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, and discuss the audience intended for this advertisement. The intent of this essay is to show that the Sony Corporation used the persuasive techniques of Likeability, Authority, and Social Proof in their ad campaign for the Sony Cybershot digital camera in the hopes of getting the Asian demographic to purchase the camera and how successfully they used these techniques. The audience intended for this product is found in the young, female, active and Asian demographics. Sony has Michelle Wie as the spokes model for their product, and she fits all the previously mentioned descriptors of what is perceived to be the targeted demographic. While that...
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