Subliminal Messages Paper

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Subliminal messages impact on our behavior
Psychology paper
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Subliminal messages are tools that are used in daily life without people noticing them. It corresponds to words, sounds, or even images that impact people’s behavior and thoughts. Because of subliminal messages, people act and think a way they consciously wouldn’t. So far, scientists have stated that subliminal messages are very manipulative and persuasive. In this paper, we will discuss the biopsychosocial effect of subliminal messages and their impact and effectiveness on behavior.

Subliminal messages are defined by scientists as visual or oral messages that go to our subconscious mind first. Afterwards, they may go to our conscious but it is not often the case. However, some researches have found that subliminal messages do not impact behavior at all and that people are not influenced by this type of message (Schlaghecken, F. et al., 2004). On the other hand, very recent researches have shown the contrary. Let’s explore the biopsychosocial aspects of subliminal messages in order to debate about their validity.

Many old experiments demonstrated the inefficiency of subliminal messages. To illustrate, doctors Margaret Treimer and Michael Simonson from the Iowa State University presented a study to examine the impact of subliminal messages on weight loss. They made two healthy and physically active groups of people watch two different videos about hypno-vision weight loss daily during thirty days. The purpose was to watch their FIR(Food Intake Recall) and also their FEAT( Food and Exercise Attitude Test) and to compare them at the end of the experiment. The first video contained vocal and visual subliminal messages and the other was the same concerning its content but without subliminal messages. By the end of the month, they observed a meaningless difference in FIR and FEAT between the two groups of people. They concluded that subliminal messages had no...
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