Klm 4805 and Pan Am 1736

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  • Topic: Persuasion, Tenerife North Airport, Boeing 747-400
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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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• Resistance to change
o One of the characteristics of an attitude
o Takes much persuasion to change
o Not all attitudes are so resistant to change
▪ i.e. it usually takes much persuasion to change a strongly held attitude such as that towards, capital punishment or abortion • Modification potential through training
o Personality, attitudes, & behavior play a role in attitude management o It is unrealistic to imagine that routine training in particular or in general have a significant influence on personality traits o Modifying personality through routine service training, a more sanguine approach can be adopted with respect to attitudes. ▪ i.e. Many airlines with considerable encouragement from agencies such as ICAO and the FAA are emphasizing the management of flight deck resources through formal courses in CRM (Cockpit Resource Management) • Persuasive Communication

o Communication has several functions. The object may simply be to obtain something, like buying an airline ticket. This is called an instrumental function. o Another function may be to find something out or explain something. This is called an informative function. o The purpose is trying to get someone to modify an attitude or a behavior pattern. o On social occasions, discussions on politics, religion, and music often develop into trying to persuade someone to change an attitude. o Debates and discussions involve an active, two way process of persuasion. • The Originator

o Person speaking should have credibility
o Studies suggest that in many cases persuasiveness will increase if the communicator has something in common with the audience ▪ i.e. When a toothpaste advertisement illustrates a doctor advising a patient to use a certain brand. • The Message

o Information is available to assist in this task.
o An initial consideration is whether the message should contain both sides of an argument or...
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