The Meaning of Qualitative Research an Understanding of It

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  • Published: August 13, 2012
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The Meaning of Qualitative Research an Understanding of It
Eric Oliver Flores
Research and Writing I
Maureen Clemmons
October 15, 2011
Colorado Technical University


In this paper an accepted and cultured common agreement and understanding of what Qualitative Research does really means, as it is understood will be presented. Through reflections of the material there’s a need to seek and review established definitions and in doing so there’s a possibility to arrive at a defined understanding of qualitative research. Finally, discussions will be centered on how is the process of qualitative research applied and conducted by a social scientist and what would be the "growth edge" when it comes to educating ourselves on the practices of qualitative research.

The Meaning of Qualitative Research and My Understanding of It

Qualitative research strive for the ‘why of things’, contrary to finding the ‘how are things’ of its subject from beginning to end by a careful but deliberate analysis of unconventional information, belonging to data recovered through interview transcriptions, survey reactions, electronic mail, summaries, response forms, photographs and video recording. Rendering on an on-line article published by QSR international (Ereaut, 2011) qualitative study does not just depend on numerical data or figures, which are the dominion of quantitative researchers.

The understanding of the course of action taken with qualitative research when conducted by a social scientist is that it is used to advance an overall understanding of commons outlooks, behaviors, people’s value systems, anxieties, stimuli, ambitions, philosophies and lifestyles. Expertly applied and exploited in business is mainly used to apprise corporate resolutions, and course of actions that may be taken. There are various formalized methodologies used starting with the scrutiny and analysis of content studies applied through focus groups, consultations and...
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