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Suggested Essay Structure
Title: Give your piece of work a title.
Introduction: Give the reader direction. What is your intention for this piece of work? Introduce the research article. (200-300).
Main Body: You must also introduce your choice of critical appraisal framework and provide a rationale. Your choice of framework
will provide the structure here. Please refer to lecture notes and resources (all on Moodle).
(2300 -2500).
Conclusion: Provide a summary of what has taken place. What are the implications for nursing practice? (300-400).

The critical appraisal of research written by Fitzsimons D Mullan D Wilson J S Conway B Corcoran B Demster M Gamble J Stewart C Rafferty S McMahon M McMahon J Mullholland P Hanna L Brown J (2007) The challenge of patients unmet palliative care needs in the final stages of chronic illness Palliative Medicine 21, 313-322

The essay aims to critically analyse a research article, ………. (put the title of the article here) by Fitzsimons et al (2007). The critical appraisal is going to use a recognised research framework known as Critical Appraisal Skill Programme (CASP). Moore and McQuay (2006) define critical appraisal as a process of looking carefully at the research in a systematic way to judge its trustworthiness, effectiveness and also to evaluate its relevance in a particular context. In this assignment the analysis is going to focus on the importance of mixed method in a case study in the research article. The research used a mixed methodology to explore palliative care needs of non-cancerous patients. Data was collected from patients themselves, their significant others and their clinical team who are responsible for their care. To undertake this study the researchers used various methods and recommended tools such as the Short Form 36 (SF 36) and Hospital and Anxiety and Depression Questionnaire HADS. The researchers found that patients with a non-cancerous diagnosis health status were deteriorating and this led to decreased independence, social isolation and burden on their families. These problems were made worse by lack of appropriate care plans. The study also found out that patients dying from chronic illnesses had many unmet clinical needs due to ill-equipped care teams who failed to provide a holistic approach to individual needs. In addition, the study concluded that earlier and effective palliative care approach was necessary in the final stage of chronic illness.

There are several research frameworks available, which can be used to appraise a nursing research in order to improve the practice. My chosen nursing framework is one known as CASP which is commonly used to appraise nursing researches and it is recommended in today’s nursing practice. The main reason for choosing CASP framework is that it has a simple critical appraisal checklist that will guide the reader to review and follow the expected issues regarding the reasons of doing the research. Ajetunmobi (2002) defines CASP as a framework which helps health professionals to develop their skills as this will help to improve nursing practice. Furthermore, Ajetunmobi (2002) mentioned that using CASP allows a researcher to critique a research study following guided questions which cover issues needed to be addressed in a research to improve practice. Having a guideline and a list of questions to answer helped me to analyse this topic without going off topic. This is supported by Mays (2000) who agrees that using CASP framework will help one to examine important issues that constitutes the validity of a research. On the same description Mays (2002) went on to add that the advantages of using CASP structured framework is that it has 10 guided questions which need to be answered as one goes along. In addition to this, following CASP framework gives health-care professionals an opportunity to develop a certain desire to work together to get researched evidence based knowledge and also...
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