The Marketing Process

Topics: Health care, Managed care, Medicine Pages: 3 (766 words) Published: May 1, 2011
The Marketing Process
Dr. Wendy Whitner
July 18, 2010

1. An orthopedic group practice has decided to develop a pediatric sports medicine program. Describe at least three potential markets for this new service. Obstacles to effective competitor analysis include:

▪ misjudging industry and service area boundaries,
▪ Poor identification of the competition,
▪ Overemphasis on competitors’ visible competence,
Normally service regions are in one geographical location. That has since changed over the years. Local markets are no longer the service area. Individuals are no lo longer relying on the local hospitals or physician offices. The internet has allowed patients to explore or locate other practices in other metropolitan areas, regions and even other states. This gives a competitive edge in the healthcare fields. Patent are no longer staying in the hospitals as ling. These individuals are being transfer to other health entities such as nursing homes, health rehabs and other health facilities. Even more the competition has not been clearly identified. The idea of other health entities is being ignored. The traditional healthcare is not the only healthcare which will be a competitor. The competitor should be anyone who has knowledge of healthcare. Competitors are increasing from many nontraditional sources. Also be very sure of whom your competitors are.

2. Describe the possible barriers to entry and exit for a physician wanting to establish a solo practice in internal medicine. Some of the barriers are:
▪ Consolidation
▪ System integration
▪ Certificate of Need
Over the year s MCO’s have limited the number of new practices being allowed to enter the arena. At times when a number of new practices attempt to enter the market, new competitors found it difficult to establish a new practice. Consolidation and system integration may make it extremely difficult for a new / particular service due to economics and cost...
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